Report Moose Sightings

We need your help to understand moose movement and habitat use! If you see a moose or evidence of moose in mainland Nova Scotia, you can report your sighting directly to the province or put your sighting up on iNaturalist. Look for the Project ‘Mainland Moose’.

N.S. Steps Up Forest Cutting

N.S. Forest Cutting Plans are continuing to be developed despite the severe need to allow the landscapes to recovered from overcutting. This is destruction of wildlife habitat as well as elimiination of any chance for a long term healthy forest landscape for future generations.  The plans threated to eliminate the rest of the mainland moose in western Nova Scotia. Shown […]

N.S. Supreme Courts finds for Endangered Species

Judge Brothers has found that the Minister (in reality, the Department of Lands and Forestry) has not fulfilled many of his legal obligations under the Endangered Species Act. Specifically, with respect to the 6 representative species  chosen for the case: – recovery plans have not been completed on time, – recovery teams have not been appointed on time, – recovery […]