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A “Singing Season” for Nova Scotia

Every spring, tens of thousands of migratory bird nests are destroyed by industrial logging practices across Nova Scotia. It’s likely that most of this damage could be entirely prevented by a brief pause in forestry activity during the breeding season, from mid-May through July. Nature Nova Scotia is joining forces with the Healthy Forest Coalition to demand a “Singing Season” for Nova Scotia.

A temporary pause in forestry activity is not only possible, as many private landowners and groups like the Medway Community Forest Cooperative have shown, but can also be beneficial for woodlot management goals. Road building during a wet season can be detrimental to soil health and hydrology as well as expensive if the road needs to be redone or repaired quickly as a result of poor timing. Large summer harvests, which may dramatically change available sunlight in the woodlot, can damage new seedlings and affect the density of some softwoods harvested later in the year.

The Healthy Forest Coalition is asking that Nova Scotians write to the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson, as well as your own MP and MLA, to speak up for our birds, the need for sustainable forestry, and demand enforcement of the Migratory Birds Convention Act.

Use our mailer below to write to Minister Wilkinson, or write directly to your MP and MLA!

This action has ended, thanks to those who sent messages.


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