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Save The Mainland Moose

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Show your support for Ecological Forestry and our Species At Risk

We are a federation of natural history societies and other environmental groups in Nova Scotia. As a registered charity, we operate to support networking, research, education, and advocacy initiatives for nature.

In 2021, the province renewed its commitment to nature with a promise to protect a total of 20% of Nova Scotia's public lands by 2030. Help us Make Room for Nature by asking government to designate all pending protected areas in the current Parks and Protected Areas Plan.
The use of aerial glyphosate-based herbicides is on the rise in Nova Scotia, despite growing evidence that its widespread use is detrimental to our wildlife and water quality and calls from local councillors to ban the practice in their jurisdictions. Help us move Nova Scotia towards ecological forestry by signing onto the petition for a glyphosate moratorium.
NatureNS is a member of the Bird Friendly Halifax coalition, a group of bird-loving environmental organizations, researchers, and private citizens working to make HRM an officially recognized Bird Friendly City. Join us!

The State of Nature Report profiles the big nature issues Nova Scotia faced over 2022 and outlines things you can do to take action, now and into 2023. From Species At Risk to Ecological Forestry to Engaging the Next Generation of Nature Leaders. Check it out!

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Save Sandy Lake

Undeveloped Shorelines and Rare Old Forests in Bedford NS Threatened by Rushed Housing Order The Sandy Lake-Sackville River Regional Park is a conceptual protected area nestled inside urban Bedford that

Results from Operation Window Strike 2022

In 2022, we piloted Operation Window Strike, where thirty residents of our biggest city took on the threat of window-strikes by implementing one or more bird-friendly window solutions we delivered

Protecting Nova Scotia’s Wetlands

Don’t “drain the swamp!” A Look Back at World Wetlands Day, February 2nd, 2023 Young Naturalists Club members conducting a transect survey in a raised bog in Kespukwitk/Southwest Nova Scotia

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