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Make Room for Nature

In response to the UN Convention on Biodiversity call for expanded global protected areas, Canada has committed to a two-stage expansion of our protected areas system. The federal budget will invest $3.2 billion, over five years, to establish new terrestrial and marine protected areas across Canada, including in Nova Scotia. There has never been a bigger investment for nature protection, so it is a milestone worth celebrating! Nova Scotia has been working towards increased protected areas for many years, which you can learn about in our latest State of Nature Report. 

See those dark green areas? Those are protected areas...

Designate All Remaining Parcels in the Parks and Protected Areas Plan

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In 2021, the province renewed its commitment to nature with a promise to protect a total of 20% of Nova Scotia's public lands by 2030. Help us Make Room for Nature by asking government to designate all pending protected areas in the current Parks and Protected Areas Plan.

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