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Waterbirds Lesson Plan

Waterbird Lesson Plan for Grades 2-5+

We are thrilled to introduce our latest educational resource: The Water Birds Lesson Plan! This curriculum is specially designed to captivate students’ curiosity while fostering a deeper understanding of Waterbirds in Nova Scotia and the ecosystems they inhabit. The lesson plan is designed for students from Grades 2-5+. It introduces students to water birds, their habitats and ecosystem dynamics, and bird migration, the importance of migratory bird sanctuaries in Nova Scotia, and encourages citizen science and stewardship action for biodiversity conservation.

What to Expect from Our Water Birds Lesson Plan:

Environmental protection
Biodiversity Local habitats
Animal Growth and the Environment
Liquids, solids, and mixtures
Gaelic, French and Mi’kmaw language
The interconnectedness of living things
Local natural habitats
Invisible forces
Magnetic Fields and Migration

What Does the Lesson Plan Include?
Our Water Birds Lesson Plan is aligned with educational standards and caters to various learning styles.

Here’s a glimpse of what it offers:
Engaging Activities: Dive into a variety of hands-on activities, including birdwatching photo ID, scientific experiments, and fun facts.
In-depth Content: Delve into the fascinating biology, behaviour, and adaptation of water birds through informative readings, discussions, and multimedia resources.
Critical Thinking Exercises: Encourage students to think critically about environmental challenges faced by water birds while migrating and brainstorm solutions through fun exercises.
Extension Ideas: Extend learning beyond the classroom with suggestions for field trips, and further research opportunities.

How Can You Access the Lesson Plan? View the PDF below or reach out to for free printed copies


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