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Protect the Mainland Moose by delivering on your campaign promises, Mr. Rankin.

In 2020, we launched a petition to halt crown land harvests in the area between Fourth Lake and the Napier River, where several sightings confirmed the presence of the Endangered Mainland Moose. Despite a judicial review and ruling requiring the province to review (and add “core habitat” to) the outdated Recovery Plan, high-impact harvesting continues in moose habitat across Nova Scotia. Receiving no response to our letters, the 37,000+ signatures to our petition, or any kind of update on the pending Recovery Plan, we are left wondering if the Nova Scotia government cares about Species At Risk at all…

The Fight Isn’t Over

The NS Endangered Species Act requires the Minister of Lands and Forestry to review Recovery Plans for listed species every 5 years. This is done to ensure that recovery goals are being met (or determine why they are not being met, and adjust actions accordingly) and to update plans with the latest available conservation science or practice. The Recovery Plan for the Mainland Moose was released in 2007, meaning its review is now 9 years overdue, a fact that prompted us to include the moose in the Bancroft vs NS Lands and Forestry lawsuit last year.

In that judicial review, Justice Christa Brothers confirmed that the province failed to review the Recovery Plan and identify required “core habitat” within the legislated deadline. We are now waiting on any update that may indicate the province is working towards this order. Help us keep moose on the agenda this year by contacting the new Premier, Iain Rankin, and tell him you care about Nova Scotia’s native biodiversity.

This action has ended, thanks to those who participated.


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