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Coasts and Coastal Policy

Nova Scotia has a very long coastline with important natural areas inland, on the coast itself, and offshore. These areas are under the jurisdication of federal, provincial, and municipal governments. Development and other activities affect the coast, and in many places cause undesirable changes, yet there is no overall coordinated plan to protect the natural and environmental aspects of the Nova Scotia coastline.

Nature Nova Scotia, along with other interested and affected organizations, is developing a coastal policy that we hope the relevant government bodies will consider when developing regulations to properly control human activity and protect the coasts of Nova Scotia.


 Cooperating Organizations

Nova Scotia Report on the Coast

Recently (April 2010) the Provincial government released a “State of the Coast” report that looks at six selected areas of concern related to coasts of Nova Scotia. You can see the summary and detailed reports at the website .

Some of the responses to this report have published on the Coastal Coalition’s Publications page. Facebook comments on the changes needed in coastal management can be seen and read at Act for the Our Coast.

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