1998 AGM

1998 – June 5-7 – Antigonish – Eastern Mainland Field Naturalists

Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists

FNSN Annual Conference and General Meeting

Antigonish, June 5-7, 1998

hosted by the Eastern Mainland Field Naturalists

The Eastern Mainland Field Naturalists hosted this year’s annual conference of the Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists. The conference was similarly structured to those that have gone before, with mind-boggling field trips and charismatic, educational speakers.

Our theme this year was “Shorelines – life on the edge”. Organisms of all descriptions make their living on the edge of many habitats, the most prominent one in Nova Scotia being the shoreline. Many of our field trips were centered on the shorelines of the Antigonish area and we were able to interpret some of the fascination that dwells there.

Morning walks took place both Saturday and Sunday, and went to nearby areas of natural interest. On Saturday afternoon, we provided a choice of seven extended field trips. We are particularly proud of our newest hiking area, the Fairmont Ridge Trail — it was used for both afternoon and morning trips. The FNSN launched a project of province-wide scope — the Nova Scotia Herpetology Atlas. We ran the inaugural field trip for collecting data for this project. Other walks focused on plants, birds, insects and nightlife.