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Ecological Forestry Now

Two years ago, government passed the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act with only two small amendments. This legislation built on the previous Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act of 2007 and introduced a commitment to phasing out coal by 2030, an electric vehicle mandate, commitment to protecting 20 per cent of the province’s land and water by 2030, and a focus on equity.

Several groups, including Nature Nova Scotia, participated in the consultation process for the Act and recommended that nature-based climate solutions be better incorporated into the goals drafted by government. This would include immediate implementation of ecological forestry as recommended by the Lahey Report.

After the Bill passed without the amendments recommended, government stated that implementation of the Lahey Report may still be 2 years off. Well, it’s 2023 and we are not seeing meaningful action in the woods. We consider this delay inexcusable.

Use our mailer to send a message to the Premier and Minister Rushton, or call the Minister at 902-424-5935 and tell them that further delays on ecological forestry are unacceptable.

Ecological Forestry Now

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Tell the Premier and Minister Rushton that further delays on ecological forestry are unacceptable.

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