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2018 Nature Conference

Celebration of Nature 2018—Program

and here’s the Youth program for the weekend

Report of Field Trips during the event

Nova Scotia’s Vanishing Forest Habitat

Nova Scotia used to be considered a mostly forested Province.

Panorama of Crown land plot – Kings County

Clear-cutting and over harvesting of trees has changed it into a wooded scrubland. Yet the Provincial Department of Natural Resources and forest industry continue to use clearcutting of what is left and not give the woods any chance of recovering to a heathy forest status.

Small Log Harvest on Crown land – Kings County

Learn and act to help to create healthy forests in Nova Scotia.

Join the Healthy Forest Coalition

You can see what areas are planned for Cutting on Crown Lands across Nova Scotia on the Harvest Plan Map Viewer


New Site Location for Nature N.S.

This is the new location of the webpages for Nature Nova Scotia and has the URL,

This site is mostly complete but there are still areas under construction. For those sections the previous website and its pages are available at