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Project – Big Tree Survey

Some Very Large Old Sugar Maples in Hants County

An old or large tree is to be respected and admired. Unfortunately, big trees are becoming rare and hard to find. When we find one, many of us consider it an important event and stand in awe while we consider the majesty of its size and age. Nature Nova Scotia
would like you to share your discovery of any long-lived trees and let us showcase them here. If you have a tree you consider to be one of the largest or oldest you have encountered in Nova Scotia, tell us about it and send a picture to put on this page.

We would like the following information.(Example of Information)

  • Species
  • Picture
  • Measurements (Instructions Page)
    • Circumference at chest height (1.4 m from the ground)
    • Height measurement
    • Canopy diameter estimate
  • Location
    • NS County
    • Description of local area
      (e.g., residential back lawn, clearcut with young 10-year-old trees,
      old-growth forest, on a river bank alone)
    • Directions, map of location, and/or GPS coordinates
      (We realize that some people do not want to subject such a special thing
      as a large tree to excessive attention or to the possiblity of its being
      cut down for individual profit. If so, please request that we not
      post the directions, and we will keep your confidence.
  • A Story or Comment
    (Some trees have a special history or have played a significant role in someone's life. If so, tell us about it. Also, if the age of the tree has been determined, include that here.)
  • Submitter's name, address, contact information

Send the information 
via email to 

Score: Each tree is given a score as defined by the Nova Scotia Forest Technician's Assoication Big Tree Contest.


The NSFTA has had a Big Tree Contest every year since before 1980 and anyone can enter but the tree must be measured by a member of the NSFTA. You can see some of the results on their current Big Tree Contest Page and on a Summary of their results on the following link:
NSFTA Big Tree Contest Summary of Selected Winners