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NNS MEMBERSHIP is available to members of the member organizations for $5.00. If this applies to you, contact the membership secretary of your organization.

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Individual membership, available directly from Nature Nova Scotia, entitles you to vote at the annual general meeting and to have a voice in provincial and national issues of concern. Group, corporate and other category rates are also available.
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Fill in the following information, include a cheque or money order made payable to Nature Nova Scotia, and mail to:

NNS Treasurer
Jean Gibson Collins
2 Orchard Road
Kentville, NS  B4N 1R8

  • __ Single Adult $20
  • __ Family $20
  • __ Student/Senior $5
  • __ Donation $__.__
Telephone:________________  Email:________________________________


Tell us about your major interests:___________________________________


Are you interested in Volunteering? __________________________________

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Nature Nova Scotia Patch

  • 10 cm x 5 cm
  • $5.00