About Us

Nature Nova Scotia is a federation of the natural history clubs in Nova Scotia.
These are the current (2020) members:

  • Blomidon Naturalists Society
  • Halifax Field Naturalists
  • Nova Scotia Bird Society
  • Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society
  • Friends of the Pugwash Estuary
  • Friends of Nature
  • Cape Breton Naturalists Society
  • Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia
  • Tusket River Environmental Protection Association
  • Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association

What is Nature Nova Scotia (NNS) all about?

Nature Nova Scotia (Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists) exists to aid communication and. cooperation among naturalists and natural history societies in Nova Scotia.
We also work at the provincial level toward protecting our natural environment in coordination with like-minded organizations, such as the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, and other organizations active in preserving aspects of Nova Scotia’s natural heritage, such as the Ecology Action Centre.
• We promote the enjoyment and understanding of nature by our members and the general public.
• We encourage education through existing facilities and programs and by fostering the creation of nature centres and new programs.
• We encourage the establishment of protected natural areas (parks, nature reserves, wilderness areas, heritage rivers, and any other means). We especially encourage the inclusion of all major habitats in a system of protected areas.
• We defend the integrity of existing sanctuaries by exercising constant vigilance against pollution and habitat destruction.
• We promote and engage in funding and research needed for protecting the integrity of all natural ecosystems.
• We encourage and engage in the protection and restoration of threatened and endangered species, with special attention to preserving, restoring, and enhancing essential habitats.
• We encourage and facilitate the reintroduction of extirpated flora and fauna to their former ranges in the province.
• We encourage and facilitate programs that involve the public in recording and study of the incidence of various species.
Nature Nova Scotia is a registered charitable society (#118811686RR0001).

Our activities

Osprey_drwgNature Nova Scotia offers a voice for education on natural history issues and concerns both provincially and federally. NNS is the provincial body that represents Nova Scotia naturalist organizations on the Canadian Nature Network (an initiative of Nature Canada).

Each year, we hold our annual 2-1/2-day conference and AGM in a different part of the province in May or June.
Since its establishment in 1990, Nature Nova Scotia has been active in issues that affect the health of our natural environment. How we participate depends on the situation – through serving on committees and advisory boards, writing briefs or letters, providing volunteer personnel, and funding.

Here are some of the issues that NNS has been involved in:
• Nova Scotia mines and minerals policy
• Parks and protected systems
• Endangered Spaces campaign (WWF)
• Endangered species (specific and general)
• Endangered species legislation (federal & provincial)
• Tobeatic Wilderness Committee
• Federal Heritage Rivers designation
• Off-road vehicles policy
• Advisory on Piping Plover habitat management
• DNR land-management planning
• Important Bird Areas (ongoing)
• Nova Scotia herpetology atlas (ongoing)
• Leatherback turtle reporting project
• Big Tree Search (ongoing)
• Coastal strategy (ongoing with NS Coastal Coalition)
• DNR natural resources strategy (2009–10)


You can support the activities of Nature Nova Scotia by becoming a member in one of two ways:
• Join one of our organizational members and, for $5 more, choose to be a federate NNS member. The membership secretary of your local naturalist club can help you.
• As an individual, you can join directly bycontacting our treasurer (see below for contact info).

As a member, you have a vote at general meetings of Nature Nova Scotia. Individual members not associated with an organizational member also have representation on the board by way of a director-at-large.

Mailing address
Nature Nova Scotia
c/o Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
1747 Summer Street
Halifax, NS  B3H 3A6

Website http://naturens.ca
Need more information?
Call Pat Kelly  902-472-2322


Nature Nova Scotia is governed by a board comprising representatives of the member naturalist clubs and a five-person executive.

Executve Officers 2018–19

Representative to Nature Canada:
  • Bob Bancroft

Members of the Board (organizational representatives)