2018 Nature Nova Scotia Celebration of Nature – family weekend


Friday, May 25, 2018 - Sunday, May 27, 2018
12:00 am


Registration for the 2018 Nature Nova Scotia Celebration of Nature is now open.  We will be gathering at the Debert Hospitality Centre which gives us an opportunity to explore some amazing places in the centre of the Province. This year the youth will do things a little differently as we have an all day field trip on the Saturday to the beautiful Wallace Bay National Wildlife Area  where we will be joined by Liza Barney from Bird Studies Canada and Becky Parker from Ducks Unlimited who will guide us through several activities. Wallace Bay NWA encompasses 585 hectares of marine and freshwater wetlands, forested uplands, and fields and provides habitat for many species of marsh-dependent wildlife and is particularly important for migrant and nesting waterfowl. We will charter a bus to take us there and will take a picnic lunch so we can enjoy a full day of activities.

After our banquet supper on Saturday night we can gather round and listen to a Mi’kmaw storyteller from the area.

The next day will include a presentation by Larry Bogan on his work raising the at risk Monarch Butterfly and then we will have our own little nature olympics competition before joining our families to take part in an afternoon field trip.


Please find the Registration form: Registration_Form_2018


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