Big Tree Information List

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Data Type Eample of Data
Species of Tree Northern Red Oak
(Quercus rubra)

Show the bole relative to an object, such as a person, helps visualize the size of the tree.  A picture of the whole tree is nice if your able to get  it.

3.91 m (154″)
1.24 m (49.0″) inches
Height 26 m
Score (NSFT) 150
[Calculated from Diameter and Height)
Canopy Diameter ~13 m (~50 ft)
[Not required but nice to have]
County Kings
Surroundings Oak-pine woods on sandy hill (private property)
Location West of Kentville – along the Cornwallis River
GPS coordinates (WGS-84)= N45.0788°, W64.5441°
Special Aspects There are other red oak of comparable size in this woods (one is 153″ circumference) along with some large white pine.
and Date
Larry Bogan [September 2005]